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Transformative Root Cause Hormone Balancing and Pelvic Floor Therapy Solutions Tailored to You

At RestoreHer Functional Wellness, we offer a comprehensive range of holistic services, designed to support women from preconception through postpartum in feeling good in their bodies, both mentally and physically, again. 

Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Whole Body Assessment and Support: Gain insight into your hormonal health with comprehensive functional medicine assessments, a root cause approach, and tailored treatment plans. 

  • Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance: Receive expert guidance on nutrition and lifestyle modifications to support your individual hormone balance, gut health, and overall wellness.

  • Mind-Body Healing Modalities: Explore a variety of mind-body practices, including meditation, yoga, and breathwork, to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance emotional well-being.

  • Fertility Optimization Programs: Prepare your body for conception naturally with specialized fertility optimization programs designed to support reproductive health and hormonal balance. Advanced testing is available for partners as well.

  • Postpartum Support and Recovery: Navigate the postpartum period with grace and confidence, with support tailored to your unique needs for hormone balancing, nutrient replenishment, emotional support, and physical recovery.

  • Pelvic Floor Therapy: Address pelvic floor dysfunction and related issues such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction with our specialized pelvic floor coaching services. Our skilled therapists offer personalized treatment plans to restore pelvic floor function and enhance quality of life.

With our client-centered approach and commitment to holistic care, we empower you to take charge of your health and embark on a journey to renewed vitality and well-being. Let us be your partners in health as you restore balance, reclaim confidence, and thrive at every stage of life. We want to make sure we are the right fit for you as who you partner with in your wellness journey is extremely important so we offer free 30 minute connection calls prior to booking any services so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us to make sure we are a good match. Use the link to book your free connection call below. 

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